Bodhi technologies is an independent IT consultancy. We deliver software development, consulting and training services.

We are passionate about our client's problems and we bring a fierce focus to get the job done right, every time. By sharing our knowledge and understanding our client's businesses, we deliver the right results for them.

Bodhi technologies are always in the forefront for our customers in order to resolve any complexities arising with their IT requirements.

During our interactions with customers, we came across the fact that most of them don’t have a skilled team to identify the potential of information technology prospects in their business needs and to provide feasible and cost-effective solutions. In this IT oriented business world, we clearly felt the necessity of technical support services for our customers, and thus, we started our consultancy services.

Software development

In today's world, having software products and apps that meet the needs of clients is essential. However, the key to success is balancing the use of creativity and speed in the development process. Bodhi technologies is committed to ensuring that their software development processes lead to exceptional outcomes. They understand that software plays a crucial role in how a company interacts with its customers.

Creating software products can present challenges for businesses. Bodhi technologies is dedicated to helping companies navigate these difficulties. Throughout the development process, the company focuses on ensuring customer satisfaction as their top priority, which sets them apart from their competitors.


"Our vision is to be a leading provider in the software and consulting industry, consistently delivering high quality standards and exceptional customer service to achieve customer satisfaction and trust."


"Our mission is to empower clients' success with innovative technology solutions, exceptional service, and morality."